Mélisande [électrotrad]

Here  is  the  recipe  for  Mélisande [électrotrad]’s award-winning  cocktail:  pour  equal parts  of  centuries-old  traditional  Québécois  songs,  state  of  the  art  electronic  instruments  and  relentless  drums,  add  an
once  of  fiery  fiddle,  peaty  flute  and  hypnotic  jaw  harp,  a  dash  of  tangy  banjo  and  a  hint  of  full-bodied  bass.  Shake  vigorously,  garnish  with  a  sparkling  singer  and  serve  on  stage!

Led  by  Mélisande  and  her  accomplice  Alexandre  ‘Moulin’  de  Grosbois-Garand  (former  member  of  Genticorum),  the  band  offers  daring  and  unique  artistic  performances  to  the  folk-world  music  scene  since  its  debut  in 2014.  The  success  of  the  first  two  albums,  hailed  by  critics  from  home  and  abroad,  allowed  the  group  to  present  over  150  shows  in  Canada,  Australia,  France  and  the  United  States.  The  sophomore album Les  millésimes (Borealis  Records,  Feb  2017)  features  a  collection  of  traditional  francophone  songs  carefully  selected  during  researches  in  various  archive  centres  in  Quebec  and  the  United  States.





Without a doubt, Mélisande électrotradstole the show at the 23rd New World
Festival last fall. Finding that perfectly balanced blend of tradition Quebecois music and contemporary electronica like they do is quite an accomplishment.
Melisande’s powerful voice and engaging stage presence captivated our
Main Stage audience and filled our dance floor. “Please have them back!” was the refrain I heard again and again as exhausted and smiling dancers went back to their seats. I will.

Kevin Dunwoody, Musical Director, New World Festival, VT

Mélisande électrotrad blends a deep understanding of traditional song with
fascinating electronic sounds and beats and superb musicianship. Their performance was infectious, irresistible and completely won over the audience at the 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards Gala show.

Grit Laskin, President, Canadian Folk Music Awards

I have seen Mélisande now at several showcases and consistently she has impressed me with the strength and professionalism of her performance. She approaches traditional song in a unique and fun way, with a powerful voice and a confidence in her interpretations. She is an engaging performer who knows how to hold an audience’s attention, expressing the meaning of the songs not only though her words but also through her movement and facial expressions. Finally, her band is top – notch and share with her a very professional standard and creative approach to trad music.

Andy Hillhouse, Executive & Artistic Director, Harrison Festival Society, BC

Mélisande électrotrad has taken two very different genres, electronic and traditional, and melded them into a unique form of music, electrotrad. Borrowing from the past and definitely aiming for the future they have a sound and stage presence that will make you want to get up and dance! They are not to be missed!

Steve Johnson, Event Producer, NC, USA

With a faithful connection to the Quebecois music tradition, Melisande brings a
softness and delicacy to her songs and can create a foot – stomping experience with her wonderful band. Audiences at the Illawarra Folk Festival loved it!

David De Santi, Artistic Director, Illawarra Folk Festival, Australia