Ethno-Trio Troitsa

Slavic sensuality, pagan rusticity, and folk rock arrangements with an incredible drive that gives you goose bumps – that is ETHNO-TRIO TROITSA.

ETHNO-TRIO TROITSA – a trio formed by the passionate ethno-musicologist and singer Ivan Kerchuk who is the possessor of a stunning rumbling bass voice and conjures mental images of a huge bearded Cossack in boots and floor-length furs. The core of ETHNO-TRIO TROITSA music is based on traditional folk songs that are passed orally from generation to generation and go back to a time when mankind and nature were a good deal closer than today. Since the 1980’s, Ivan has been collecting such songs in small villages in the depths of Belarus.

The present line-up, which successfully performed all around Europe appeared in 1999, when young creative musician Yuri Pavlovskiy with his set of percussions and drums and guitarist Yuri Dmitrijev, who supplement Kirchuk’s armoury of domra, gusli, Jew’s-harp, whistles, zhaleika and more with 6 and 12-string guitars, domra, smyk and zither . Together they rearranged the traditional material Ivan had collected to create the reach and unforgettable sound of ETHNO-TRIO TROITSA.

The band’s music is almost mystical: people all over the world, in spite them speaking another language and being from another culture, are able to feel the quintessence of the ancient message, that has been passed on from generation to generation and is today found in ETHNO-TRIO TROITSA’s songs.

The secret of ETHNO-TRIO TROITSA lies also in the atmosphere. They bring a part of their culture to the stage, covering it with traditionally embroidered towels and carpets, and playing more than 50 traditional instruments.



Zimachka (Winter), recorded in Poland, is a remarkable and rather impressive thing of wild rhythmic pulses and gutsy instrumental textures, massive enough to match the Eisenstein-sized drama of Kirchuk’s declamatory, welkin-ringing rendering of traditional songs brought a long way from the village but nevertheless still sounding like nothing in western Europe.

Andrew Cronshaw

Mit (passend zum Thema und dem selbst auferlegten Anspruch) traditionellen Instrumenlen wie Gusli, Ocarina, Domra, Zhaleika und Flöten dargebotener, aber durch Gitarren, afrikanische Percussion und Kalimba ein wenig in Richtung Worldmusic getriebener Klangkunst katapultieren Troitsa ihre gesammelten traditionellen Lieder mit aller Macht ins Hier und Jetzt, ohne das Material du’ch allzu viele Modernismen zu verwässern. “Zimachka”, der ,Winter’, lässt durch helle akustische Gitarren und fröhliche Flötentöne ein wenig den nahenden Frühling durchschimmern, obwohl lvan Kirchuk bärbeißig dröhnt wie Väterchen Frost. “Kozka”, die ,Ziege’, ist Ethno-Trance á la OIe Lukkoye und das epische “Sonce Kocicca” ein bombastisches, würdiges Finale mit Dead-Can Dance-Anklängen und jeder Menge Pathos.

Rock-magazin “Eclipsed” 6/2013