Khoomei Beat

Khoomei Beat represents the cresting wave of the awesome natural force that is Tuvan music. Founded in 2017, this group of six talented musicians has succeeded wildly in taking the ancient and powerful music of their ancestors and forging it into an utterly unique, driving, and potent musical experience.

The members of Khoomei beat each represent different aspects of Tuva’s modern musical landscape, ranging from the utterly traditional singing and playing of Kang-Khüler Saaya, from the remotest mountains of Tuva, to the razor-sharp and laser-precise drumming of Bailak Mongush, Tuva’s reining First Lady of the Drums. Rough-edged yet charming Shoraan Ochur and Adygan Aiyzhy contribute rock-solid piano and bass, while Aidyng Sedii adds soaring ‘cello sounds that rush through the soul like the wind from an eagle’s wing. Ai-Khaan Oorzhak drives the band relentlessly with earthy performance on the traditional doshpuluur and Igil, all while singing with a range that rumbles from the roots of the mountains to the snow-capped, sky-scraping peaks.

Tuva’s music has been recognized globally as a unique and powerful form of music that has spawned many imitators, and itself has undergone a remarkable evolution over the last 30 years of its existence on the world stage. The musicians of Khoomei beat are each authentic inheritors or this inimitable music, and together they have formed a group that has furthered the evolution of Tuvan music, with performances that are simultaneously electrifying, heart-rending, foot-stomping, and utterly unforgettable expressions of a musical art that stretches back to the dawn of humanity and yet reaches forward to new horizons, horizons that only have been glimpsed before but are now brought into full, awe-inspiring focus by this unparalleled group of modern masters.