UZORITSA is a future folk band from Russia, which proves that any dance floor can be moved by folk songs.

The history of Uzoritsa started many years ago: four girls, who today form the core of the performance group, attended one music studio in childhood. They grew up, became professional folklorists, traveled to distant Russian villages, found and recorded old songs. And then they decided to give these songs a new life, so the Uzoritsa was founded.

Today Uzoritsa is a group of like-minded people – folklorists, vocalists, musicians. Keeping the original performing tradition, they are ready for the most ambitious musical experiments.

POLINA KOBETS – her voice is the basis of Uzoritsa sound. She is the arranger, instrumentalist, and the main creative force of the band. In addition, Polina is a solo singer of the big band of the Republic of Bashkortostan – both folk song and jazz standards are within her range.

OLESIA KHAVETSKAIA – possesses unique soprano, her voice mesmerizes from the first seconds. Moreover, Olesia masterly plays folk instruments –zhaleyka, kugikly, kalyuka, swirel, jaw harp, ocarina… even a washboard sings in her hands!

EKATERINA KOLOVANGINA – an amazing low timbre of voice, charm and artistry – all that attracts attention of the audience. Among other things, Ekaterina is the head of the children’s folklore ensemble.

EKATERINA YAMATINA – it is her voice reveals all the charm, depth and warm-heartedness of folk song in Uzoritsa. Wonderful vocalist, she also plays many folk instruments.

ELENA SHIRYBYROVA – the youngest member in Uzoritsa, she came to folklore from academic music. The epic sound of her viola, meditative solos – this is what many fans of the band love.

VLADIMIR ANOSHKIN – plays the guitar and controls the electronics (at the same time!). He also tries to convince everyone that there is almost no difference between rap and Russian ditties.

FELIKS AKSENOV – the master of low frequencies, his bass guitar and synthesizer make the speakers pulsate, turning ancient songs into hot hits.
Combining the original vocal tradition with rap, complementing the sound of traditional instruments with electronics, Uzoritsa inbreathed energy of modern dance music into Russian folklore.

Uzoritsa participated in one of the most popular Russian TV shows, shocked the jury and took the fancy of the audience. The band gave dozens of concerts in various cities of Russia, took part in major festivals, presented debut album and several video clips to the audience.