About Us

Since 2005 I am booking outstanding musicians from around the world creating music at the edge of different genres, all based on traditional music. There are ethno-rock, ethno-jazz, psychedelic, or ethno-electronic bands. What is important for me is that the result is not just a mechanical mix of components, but seamless melting done with big respect, knowledge and taste.

The bands have different origin, but there is something very that unites them all: they know their roots, they enjoy playing together, their music is innovative, captivating, “crazy” and unforgettable. And they all are passionately devoted to their music and radiate this passion during their performances.

I am happy to be able to cooperate with several international festivals and venues, such as WOMEX, WOMAD, Folks Alliance International, Rainforest Festival, Java Jazz Festival, Tallinn Musik Week, Moscow Music Week, Russian World Musik Awards, Dranouter, SFINX, IMEX, Visa for Music, SOTX, FMM Sines, Bardentreffen, Etnosur, Kamva, Usadba Jazz, V-Rox and others.

– Juliana Volož