About me and JV-Promotion

I entered the music business more or less by accident in 2004 after being ”hit” by the music of Georgian band The Shin. I did not have any formal education in the music business, but their music was so beautiful that I sincerely wanted to share it with the world and intuitively did everything that could make my plan work. And surprisingly it worked. In 2007 I was still sure I liked this work and opened my agency JV-Promotion.

I am booking bands whose music is rooted in tradition but often crosses over genres like jazz, rock, classical and electronic. What is important for me is that the result is not just a mechanical mix of components, but seamless melting done with great respect, knowledge and taste. Their music is innovative, captivating, “crazy” and unforgettable. It radiates the joy of playing together and inspires me!

I am also co-organizing international music projects, showcase festivals, attending music conferences and presenting my artists at important showcases, festivals and venues all around the world. From 2020 I am also a member of the Association of Global Independent Music Agents (AGIMA) – a new creative initiative born in the weird pandemic times.

– Juliana Volož